Warranty period starts from the date of leaving factory, and is 30 months for motor, and 18 months for controller, display, sensor and other components. BAFANG limited warranty does not cover or apply to the following situations:

  1. Damage, failure and/or loss caused by refitting, neglect, improper maintenance, accident, misuse, abuse or use for competition or commercial purpose;
  2. Damage, failure and/or loss due to shipping;
  3. Damage, failure and/or loss caused by improper installation, adjustment or repairing.
  4. Damage, failure and/or loss irrelevant to material and workmanship, e.g., failure to follow instructions by users;
  5. Damage, failure and/or loss caused by product’s appearance or surface change which doesn’t affect its function.
  6. Damage, failure and/or loss caused by unauthorized service or installation;
  7. Damage, failure or loss caused by normal wear and tear.

BAFANG reserves the right to repair or replace the components, and is only responsible for repairing or replacing them.

In case bike manufacturers or brands(Only to the original buyer) encounter quality issues when using or selling BAFANG's products, they can report the purchase order number and products’ serial number to BAFANG's technology service department who will check whether the products are under warranty or not. For products under warranty, if it is a small problem, BAFANG will provide customers (brands or bike manufacturers) with free spare parts so that they can correct the problem themselves; if it's a big issue, BAFANG will provide customers with free spare parts, show them what to do by sending them videos or documents or on some special occasions repairing the products for them. For products out of warranty, BAFANG can still provide spare parts or repair the products for customers, but the incurred material cost, labor cost, freight etc. shall be undertaken by customers.

If an end user has a bike equipped with BAFANG components which need repairing, he/she should contact the bike manufacturer or brands directly.

If this warranty statement is against a current Chinese law, the Chinese law shall prevail. BAFANG reserves the right to modify the terms without announcement in advance.